Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Ep 460 Baron and Dahrio Wonder Wins Velocity "DMV" Magazine Award...

That's right... our fellow alternative Renaissance Man Baron goes home with a Velocity Magazine Award this past weekend... I was also happy for Dahrio Wonder who also ran home to Oakland with an award also...

Yeah I was nominated... and did not win... But that's ok... I'm good... it was great being nominated... but anyone that says it doesn't hurt to lose... is a liar. It hurt to sit there and watch someone else walk away with my award... That was my award... I worked so hard to win that award... I will say.. even though I did not win... It was great being in the room with some really talented people. I want to thank Anthony Anderson for the invitation... I appreciate the invite and the nomination.Hey... I have not had the opportunity to interview Dahrio Wonder, but I have interviewed Baron... and if you missed it... here it is...(Click On Pic To Hear The Show)
Best Of Show 12 --- Tasty Tuesday's

J-Night - Ride The Sky

Entertainment News - Model Sues UK Magazine Over Sex With 50 Cent...Kieth Murray Says He Was Not Robbed... Rappers Having Transsexuals In Videos... Blind Items... Let's Talk About Pegging...

Yung Eso - Feel Good Music
baron. - Feels Like Fashion

Interview With Velocity Award Winner for Best Alternative Artist

baron. - Birds
Bry'Nt - Stuck

Gay News Around Da World - South Africa Recalls Condoms... Gays vs Church... and HIV Talk

T.I. - Whatever You Like

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